Creative Meditation for the Sublime Self

Sat Nam I hope you all had a wonderful Summer Solstice experience. I was fortunate enough to join in community to celebrate the height of the Sun through breath, movement and meditation. This week we continue to investigate how we handle shift by looking deep within. This weeks meditation is called the Creative Meditation forContinue reading “Creative Meditation for the Sublime Self”

Meditation to Connect with Your Source of Infinite Energy

Happy almost Summer Solstice!  Maybe you’ve been feeling into or tapping into this growing energy. As we move toward the longest day of the year, at least in the norther hemisphere, this could be a good chance to chase out or release fears and limiting beliefs in preparation to grow with the shift in season. Continue reading “Meditation to Connect with Your Source of Infinite Energy”

Meditation to Experience the Original You

Sat Nam and Greetings 🙏🏼 🏳️‍🌈Happy Pride Month All🏳️‍🌈 This week we are doing the meditation to experience the original you in class. This meditation tests our ability to commit and withstand while relying on the depth of our breath. In class we will also be doing the kriya to access our inner strength. TheContinue reading “Meditation to Experience the Original You”

Welcome to June: The Corridor to Transformation

Flux This month we resonate with the theme of “Flux.” This invites us to see how all things are connected and in constant flow. Time, much like the healing process, is not linear. It is a series of cause and effect, cycle and balance. Our practices this month will call us to connect with ourContinue reading “Welcome to June: The Corridor to Transformation”

Coming in May! Prosperity and Flow Series 🍃

Sat Nam and Greetings! 🌿Harness the Green Energy of Spring Time!🌎This month’s series is all about opening ourselves up to the flow of life that is all around us, always. 💫Over the next four classes we will look into what it means to be prosperous, how do we know when we are prosperous, and finallyContinue reading “Coming in May! Prosperity and Flow Series 🍃”

Kriya for Elevation and the Meditation for Protection and Projection Coming from the Heart Center

Kundalini Yoga Class led by Tiaga Harprem Singh. Kriya for Elevation The Kriya for Elevation is a set that will act as an energetic and physical tune up for our bodies. The exercises are set up to systematically open up the spine from bottom to top. This will circulate the prana and apana in theContinue reading “Kriya for Elevation and the Meditation for Protection and Projection Coming from the Heart Center”