Sadhana Journeys

40 Day Sadhana Journeys

In many traditions, the number “40” is important and comes up over and over again. It takes about forty days for a person to establish a pattern or habit. In kundalini yoga, we often associate this number with performing a kriya set or specific meditation so that they might impart their lessons onto us. Use this space to find a 40 day sadhana journey that suits you.

It is recommended that you practice your personal sadhana for the same amount of time every day. To increase you benefit from the practice, it is recommended to take at least one kundalini yoga class a week. This will strengthen the nervous system and clear the channels to better align our whole selves.

About these practices

What do You Do?

Each Sadhana Journey is designed to be done daily for 40 days. The amount of time you spend each day practicing is really up to you. Practice times range from 11-32 minutes.

Why 40 days?

In kundalini yoga, 40 days is how long it takes for a kriya to teach us its lesson and allow that lesson to become a habit to us. 90 days makes this habit concrete, and at 120 days we become that habit.

What If I miss a day?

Depends on you. In teacher training, they tell us that we have to begin again from day 1. Maybe for you, you just add on a day. This is your journey and your body will always know.

What is sadhana?

Sadhana is a dedicated personal practice, or a dedicated spiritual practice. This is a time carved out to focus on your own self growth, healing, and wellness.

Sadhana Journeys

Balance: Jan 2021

Launching Jan. 5, 2021

Designed to balance the three minds, five elements, and seven chakras. Activate your ability for self-healing through balancing the mind, body and spirit.

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