Here is a library of practice videos and prerecorded classes. The practice videos are easy to follow along kriyas. They all begin with tuning in, a complete kriya set, and tuning out with Long Time Sun and a 7-Wave Sat Nam. The prerecorded classes combine warm up breath work, a complete kriya, a meditation, and a final relaxation. New to kundalini yoga? Be sure to check out the beginner’s toolbox for foundational practices and some background information to assist with your overall class experience.

Elevation for all!

The Kriya for Elevation is a wonderful practice that I would love to offer! This is an easy to follow along practice video. This kriya systematically opens up the entire spine, acts as a tune up for the energetic systems of the body, increases blood flow and oxygen to the body. This is a wonderful way to stimulate your system and activate you inner power to heal and be whole.

This week’s Replay!

Adjusting the Centers of Communication &

Breath of 10 Meditation

Video Library:

View previously recorded classes, anywhere, anytime!

Meditation to Clear the Arc Line and Kriya for Elevation
Kriya for Morning Sadhana and Prosperity Meditation
Basic Spinal Energy Series & Har, Hare, Hari Meditation
Kriya for Inner Anger and Kirtan Kriya
Kriya to Coordinate Mind Body and Soul
Class to Work the Energy Meridians
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