Keep Calm and Go Within

Happy New Year! If you’re new here, welcome! If you’re returning, welcome back! I hope this finds you well and in good spirits. As we dive into 2022 I will be experimenting with a new format for our monthly newsletter. Each month I’ll be sending out a set of videos and tips to help youContinue reading “Keep Calm and Go Within”

Welcome to November

Happy Tuesday and Welcome to November! Let’s continue to come together for movement, breath work and meditation. This month is all about: 😮‍💨Breathing into the process 🧘🏻Become more aware and conscious of what is happening inside and around us 🍂Releasing the negative that holds us back Tuesday evening classes continue. 5:30p and 7:00pm on ZoomContinue reading “Welcome to November”

August – A Month of Light

This month’s theme is LIGHT, the original light. When we are constantly looking outward for validation – at results, our surrounds, our jobs, etc. – we easily forget our innately wonderful we truly are. August’s practices will be dedicated to looking inward to remind ourselves of our own luminosity and brilliance.

Happy July: Time for Celebration and Recalibration

Celebrate and Recalibrate For as long as I have know July has been a time of celebration, being in nature, and taking time to commune with the ancestors and family. I’m a summer baby and there a lot of other Cancers in my family so parties and barbecues have always been a staple in ourContinue reading “Happy July: Time for Celebration and Recalibration”

Welcome to June: The Corridor to Transformation

Flux This month we resonate with the theme of “Flux.” This invites us to see how all things are connected and in constant flow. Time, much like the healing process, is not linear. It is a series of cause and effect, cycle and balance. Our practices this month will call us to connect with ourContinue reading “Welcome to June: The Corridor to Transformation”

Coming in May! Prosperity and Flow Series 🍃

Sat Nam and Greetings! 🌿Harness the Green Energy of Spring Time!🌎This month’s series is all about opening ourselves up to the flow of life that is all around us, always. 💫Over the next four classes we will look into what it means to be prosperous, how do we know when we are prosperous, and finallyContinue reading “Coming in May! Prosperity and Flow Series 🍃”