Kriya for Elevation and the Meditation for Protection and Projection Coming from the Heart Center

Kundalini Yoga Class led by Tiaga Harprem Singh. Kriya for Elevation The Kriya for Elevation is a set that will act as an energetic and physical tune up for our bodies. The exercises are set up to systematically open up the spine from bottom to top. This will circulate the prana and apana in theContinue reading “Kriya for Elevation and the Meditation for Protection and Projection Coming from the Heart Center”

Autumn Equinox Class and 40 day Sadhana Kick Off

Link to RSVP for the Class: Facebook Event Page Dia de los Muertos. Samhain. Halloween. We are approaching a time where we harvest the work of the summer. Take time to honor and commune with our ancestors as we prepare for the shifting of the seasons and the darkness of winter. Let us combine theContinue reading “Autumn Equinox Class and 40 day Sadhana Kick Off”

An Open Letter to the Sangat – Let’s Chat

Sat Nam Dear Sangat, Greetings, my name is Tiaga Harprem Singh and my pronouns are he/him/his and I wanted to write an open letter to begin a dialog. With respect to the current global climate crisis, current social movements occurring (BLM, metoo, and save the children), and the release to light of the allegations againstContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Sangat – Let’s Chat”

The Adi Shakti Mantra – The Mantra of the Divine Feminine

This mantra has a beautiful lesson embedded – the lesson of surrender. In bowing before our sense of the divine we are able to release our burdens and inherit our birthright without any blockages.

Crystals and Stones

A Quick and Dirty Guide: 5 Things To Do with your New Stones I have long believed in the powers of the Earth and her ability to heal us, aid us, and even to protect and guide us. Over my life I have been collecting stones and crystals that I have felt an attraction to.Continue reading “Crystals and Stones”

Mantras are Magic

Mantras are truly bits of magic.  Mantras are used in Kundalini Yoga during meditations and kriya practices. These mantras are based on ancient sciences that use sound and the body to alter the mind, body, and spirit. According to the Kundalini philosophy, we use mantras to vibrate the Cosmos so the Cosmos can clear theContinue reading “Mantras are Magic”

Meet Your Blogger – Tiaga

Sat Nam All! My name is Tiaga Harprem Singh. I am really excited to begin to publish my ideas in a blog form and put together a website of offerings to elevate individuals to be their truest, Divine Selves. I truley believe that the practices of Kundalini Yoga and other holistic modalities open our senses,Continue reading “Meet Your Blogger – Tiaga”