What’s Happening this Week…

Sat Nam!

Come and practice this week virtually or in person. Our kriya this week will be the “Kriya for the Back.” When done consciously and lovingly this can open up the low back and ease tension in the spine. Take a little time out of your day to come back home to the body. This kriya will prepare us for the “Char Padh” Meditation or the “Ang Sang Wahe Guru” meditation. We will use this vibration to remind ourselves that the infinite is present in every fiber of our being. This prayer is for us and others that we may be happy, healthy and free from suffering.

Book a Class Today!

In Person:  Monday @ 10 am; Thursday @ 7:15 pm

Online:  Tuesday @ 5:30 pm & 7 pm

Published by Joshua Tiaga (he/him)

Hey! I’m a queer yoga teacher from San Francisco. Using this space to share what I’m learning and hoping others find some value in it for themselves.

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