Happy July: Time for Celebration and Recalibration

Image from the Santa Muerte Oracle Deck

Celebrate and Recalibrate

For as long as I have know July has been a time of celebration, being in nature, and taking time to commune with the ancestors and family. I’m a summer baby and there a lot of other Cancers in my family so parties and barbecues have always been a staple in our summer. When I pulled the card for this month’s theme I had to laugh out loud.

This July we will focus on celebrating the work we have done so far this year. Our kriyas and meditation will be aimed at opening the heart center, elevating the spirit and making ourselves more available to our inner light. By taking time to be with the breath and access our deeper selves we can honor what we have inherited from our ancestors. Everything we have inherited is a blessing in it’s own way – either making us more aware of our own grit or softness.

As we reflect on the year so far, we might start to remember back to January. Did we set any goals, any resolutions or plans? And as the year went on how have these things progressed, or not progressed? If you’re like me maybe what you set out to do in January looks completely different than where you are and where you want to go now. That’s okay! We can take this time to celebrate the journey so far, honor where we are, even if it looks different than what we thought it might be. Now that we are entering the second half of the year we can check in, learn from our challenges, and take action to move forward.

This Month’s Meditation Challenge: Meditation to Bring You New Life

This meditation will use the body as a conduit. One hand will be reaching out into the ether, the other toward the earth and we will visualize the energy making that journey. While we act as a conduit for his energy work we open up our own energetic system allowing for it to be cleansed and recharged. Think of this exercise like panning for gold. While we sit under this gentle flow, supported by breath, we can slowly start to wash away some old layers to reveal the gold allowing us to be naturally radiant.

The whole thing takes no more than 9 minutes and it is split up into three equal parts of 3 min. Each portion we will stay in the same posture and keep the focus at the chin; but, we will shift the mudra. Each mudra has its own effect on how the energy flows through us.

Pay What You Can Yoga

Suggested Donation:

$10-20 per class

$40-70 for the whole series

Donate through Venmo: @joshuatiaga

I want to keep these teaching available and accessible to all. To do this I offer donation base, or pay what you are able, yoga. This is completely based on the honor system and no person is turned away for lack of funds.

Workshop Alert!!

Autumnal Equinox 2021: Find Balance and Grace

September 22, 2021 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm PST

I am very excited to announce this years digital workshop for the upcoming equinox. This is a time when we can tap into the power and support of Mother Earth to find balance, restore ourselves, and move moves forward that are graceful and grounded. I look forward to sharing this special time with you all. RSVP early on our Facebook page for updates!

Now Offering Private Sessions and Consultations!!

Book a one off session or a series together depending on what you’re looking for!

I love working with people who are trying to make a difference in their lives. Whatever the form your catalyst took, if you are looking to make a shift in your life – I’m here for it! I deeply believe that the universe provides a way when you have made up your mind.

Coming from a decade of teaching experience, my background is deep in dance, trauma informed practices and loving kindness. I’m a queer kundalini yogi that creates safe, inclusive spaces where we can do the work.

If you’re looking to shift something specific in your life, curious about kundalini yoga or even just looking to deepen your existing practice let’s start a conversation.

Published by Joshua Tiaga (he/him)

Hey! I’m a queer yoga teacher from San Francisco. Using this space to share what I’m learning and hoping others find some value in it for themselves.

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