Meditation to Experience the Original You

Sat Nam and Greetings 🙏🏼

🏳️‍🌈Happy Pride Month All🏳️‍🌈

This week we are doing the meditation to experience the original you in class. This meditation tests our ability to commit and withstand while relying on the depth of our breath.

In class we will also be doing the kriya to access our inner strength. The strength to know and be your authentic you. It’s been my experience that many shifts and transformations come in order for us to become, to blossom into a more true version of ourselves. Each time getting closer and closer to being in alignment with what our purpose is, our truth is. This practice invites us to remember that these pains are growing pains, and to use the breath to ride the wave and you’ll come out the other side of this.

I like to think of Valerie Kaur’s quote – “Is this the darkness of the tomb or is this the darkness of the womb,” during meditations like these. How can I use this information to go deeper inside and listen to myself more closely.

Whenever we are using and activating the armpit area we are targeting some major energy lines in the body. These meridians go through the heart center and release into the rest of the body. So while we are holding the posture and breathing deep we are looking to open and release the front of the chest and support ourselves with our shoulder blades and mid-back. This arm position can be an experience so if you want you can always bring the earth closer to you and support your hands with anything you got. Our practice is meant to be of grace, ease, and connection to the self – however that presents for you.

So the meditation 🧘🏻

Eye Focus: Tip of the nose

Posture: seated with arms in reverse elbow lock

Part 1: breathe long and deep, inhale suspend, and exhale all in equal portions (3 min)

Part 2: inhale long and deep, exhale with the canon breath (3 min)

Part 3: inhale deep, suspend the breath and pump the navel, when you can’t hold the breath exhale (3 min)

To finish: inhale deep, hold the breath and stretch the arms and canon exhale. Repeats two more times.

Part 4: switch the posture, elbows at the sides index fingers pointed upwards, and cycle the energy by circling the hands outwards from the body. Breath is long and deep (2.5 min)

Happy Practicing!

Published by Joshua Tiaga (he/him)

Hey! I’m a queer yoga teacher from San Francisco. Using this space to share what I’m learning and hoping others find some value in it for themselves.

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