Welcome to June: The Corridor to Transformation


This month we resonate with the theme of “Flux.” This invites us to see how all things are connected and in constant flow. Time, much like the healing process, is not linear. It is a series of cause and effect, cycle and balance. Our practices this month will call us to connect with our inner sense of the infinite. To be present with our current situation and assess the karma we have accumulated. What are we still holding on to that it is time to release and allow to transform into something new?

June 2021 is a big, beautiful time of flux. There are major movements with key celestial players with a new moon and solar eclipse on June 10, Summer Solstice on June 21, and a full super moon on June 24. This opens the channels so that we can dive deeply and connect with our original self. You must look inside you and see how your actions reflect on the world around you.

This time also encourages us to look at how we handle and deal with transition and transformation. How can we find moments of paused connection to our higher self? How can we move forward with grace and confidence? What are the lessons and the shifts?

This Month’s Meditation Challenge: Meditation for Stress & Sudden Shock

This meditation is said to balance the hemispheres of the brain, allowing us to maintain equilibrium under stress. This meditation also strengthens the nervous system as you practice. Strengthening the nervous system is key when working through any shift, transition, or transformation. The breath pattern in this meditation stimulates the vagus nerve which turns on our rest/digest brain keeping us calm, relaxed and responsive.

Suggested Donation:

$10-20 per class

$65-85 for the whole series

Donate through Venmo: @jrornelas

I want to keep these teaching available and accessible to all. To do this I offer donation base, or pay what you are able, yoga. This is completely based on the honor system and no person is turned away for lack of funds.

Now Offering Private Sessions and Consultations!!

Book a one off session or a series together depending on what you’re looking for!

I love working with people who are trying to make a difference in their lives. Whatever the form your catalyst took, if you are looking to make a shift in your life – I’m here for it! I deeply believe that the universe provides a way when you have made up your mind.

Coming from a decade of teaching experience, my background is deep in dance, trauma informed practices and loving kindness. I’m a queer kundalini yogi that creates safe, inclusive spaces where we can do the work.

If you’re looking to shift something specific in your life, curious about kundalini yoga or even just looking to deepen your existing practice let’s start a conversation.

Workshop Alert!!

Summer Solstice 2021: Release into the Flow

June 20, 2021 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm MST

Join us this Solstice as we come together to celebrate, practice, and breathe. Lead by Denver, CO yoga teacher Brittany Russell, and SF based Kundalini Yoga teacher Tiaga Harprem Singh. Let’s take this time to tune in to our deeper selves, clear past karmas and step into the flow and cycle of the seasons. In the spirit of ritual we will work our way through a yoga flow, a kundalini yoga experience, and close with a gong meditation and yogi tea. All are welcome to bring something to place on the altar during our time together to bask in the energy of our community. This is a safe, inclusive space for all bodies, walks of life, people and ability levels.

Published by Joshua Tiaga (he/him)

Hey! I’m a queer yoga teacher from San Francisco. Using this space to share what I’m learning and hoping others find some value in it for themselves.

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