Tuning In and Tuning Out

What are the mantras we use in the beginning of a Kundalini Yoga class?

What do those mantras mean?

Tuning In/Beginning a Class

  • Adi Mantra

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

To the infinite I bow, to the divine teacher within I bow. 

This mantra is used in the beginning of every kundalini yoga class. It centers us in our higher self and allows our spirit to come through to guide us. This mantra also calls upon our sense of the divine and our sense of what guides us – be that God, Spirit, Goddess, or Ancestors. We ask these energies to be present, we connect ourself to this energy, and we begin our practice. 

  • Mandala Charan Mantra

Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh,

Sat guray nameh, Siri gur dayvay nameh

I bow to the primal wisdom. 

I bow to the wisdom through the ages. 

I bow to true wisdom. I bow to the great unseen wisdom. 

This mantra is usually used in the beginning of class following the Adi Mantra. This is a mantra of protection and projection through reverence. We say the first line and send energy to the left, the second line send energy behind us, and the third to the right. When we say the final line we surround ourselves in a protective aura in all directions. 

Tuning Out/Closing the Space

  • Long Time Sun

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You,

All love surround you. 

And the pure light within you,

Guide your way on. 

  • Seven Wave Sat Nam

Sat Nam

Truth is my identity. 

As you chant the long SAT visualize the energy cycling around each chakra and then through it, stitching them together root to crown. NAM sends the energy through the crown and into infinity.

Other Useful Terms Used in Classes

Har, Hare, Haree,  Waheguru

Creative Infinity, Infinity in Flow, Infinity in Action. I am in ecstasy when I experience the Infinite. 

This mantra expresses the three aspects of the Infinite. It is said that this mantra can bring you through any blocks in life. 

Published by Joshua Tiaga (he/him)

Hey! I’m a queer yoga teacher from San Francisco. Using this space to share what I’m learning and hoping others find some value in it for themselves.

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