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A Quick and Dirty Guide: 5 Things To Do with your New Stones

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I have long believed in the powers of the Earth and her ability to heal us, aid us, and even to protect and guide us. Over my life I have been collecting stones and crystals that I have felt an attraction to. In my late teens, I began to look into specific stones and what they represent and found a large correlation with the stones that already had being exactly what I needed, so to speak.

This lead me a little further down the rabbit hole of crystal care, maintenance and uses. The use of crystals and gemstones in rituals and healing is long established. Certain crystals, like clear quartz, can be programmed with an intention or specific purpose. Other stones like amethyst can also be infused with an intention but are known for their healing and calming attributes.

Say you found a stone that really calls to you- either through research or coming across it in a shop. What are some thing you should do with it when you get home?? How can you program your crystals with your intentions? What about all the other people who may have touched the stone before you? Well, here is a quick and dirty (love and earthy pun 😅) on what to do with crystals when they have found their new home.

1. Cleanse your stone.

There are a variety of ways you can cleanse your stones. First, what is cleansing and why should you do it? Everyone has their own electromagnetic field and vibration; likewise, the Earth and everything that comes from her also has one. Certain stones, like Selenite or Quartz, are really great at absorbing energies around them. This usually happens through touch. When getting a new stone, it is always a good idea to clear out any previous energies to open the path for a new relationship, if you please, since you do not know the intentions nor would you want to inherit any negativity from another.Some ways you can cleanse your stone are:

  • Smoke: Burning herbs and incense that purify and cleanse is a great way to clear out any unwanted energy. This is a similar process to smudging. One would waft smoke over and around the stone focusing on clearing out the energies and imparting one’s own positivity.
    • Useful herbs: cedar, white sage, sweet grass, palo santo, or copal
  • Salt and Water: The use of salt and water to purify has been used for generations. Keep in mind, some crystals and stones can be damaged by exposure to water. Mixing sea salt and water together to rinse the stones is another way to clear out energies from the stone. If you cannot submerge your stone, you can place it in a glass and surround that glass with salt water. Even setting your stones on a bed of salt can be purifying.
  • Sunlight/Moonlight: You can place your stones out in a sunny place, or well-lit windowsill to absorb the light of our celestial neighbors. Sunlight can burn away the darkness and the waning of the moon will encourage a drip out of the energy. This is also really useful in the setting intention phase of the stone.

2. Set your intentions with the stone.

If you have taken the time to cleanse your stone – chances are there is a certain reason you want to hang on to it. Why did you keep the stone? Why is it calling to you, or you to it? Creating an intention takes a little bit of inner work and reflection – once you have it you can hold you recently cleansed stone and place your intention within it. This can be done through meditation. Hold the stone while meditating on your intention, feel the intention slipping from you and into the stone. Release, surrender, and let the stone do its work.

Special note: Matching your intention setting process to the phases of the moon can be especially beneficial. If your intention is to let something go working with your crystal during the waning of the moon would be best. In reverse, if your intention is to build or bring something in working with your crystal during the waxing moon is recommended.

3. Carry it with you for 40 days.

I know, super specific, right? The number 40 is a powerful number. In this context – 40 days is the time is takes to create a habit and to clear out any blockages. When working in Kundalini Yoga we talk about doing specific kriya or meditation sets for 40 days in order to learn the lesson of the kriya, to allow for some sort of change or shift in our energy, and to clear any blocks that we might be working on. A lot of times when we set intentions we are working to overcome some sort of block or obstacle. Really set yourself up for success and your best chance to open yourself to the lessons your little piece of Gaia has for you – especially if the stone called out to you without you researching it previously.

4. Use the stone.

The only way to wisdom is through practice. Use your stone for what you set it up to be. If it is meant to help you calm or sleep – use your crystal during meditations or when you are praying, or hold it for some breath work before bed. If your stones are meant to help you cope with the stresses of the work environment keep it easily accessible at your desk. Crystals and stones can be an easy way to brighten up any outfit, living or work space.

5. Reflect on how it has helped you.

Look back at it if it’s your jam. Remember where you were at the beginning of your 40 days and see where you are now. Has the stone or crystal served its purpose for you? Has your intention come to fruition, if even in the smallest sense? Reflecting can be super quick and informal, maybe sitting down with a cup of coffee, or an elaborate project where you track yourself and sit and write something out.

I wish you all the best on your bonding journey with Earth. Hope you enjoyed this little read and what it has to offer. More to come on specific smudging methods using herbs and incense as well as crystal knowledge and lore, and definitely more Kundalini practices.

Sat Nam


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